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Tray Collator Machine

Baking tray stacking machine capable of stacking batches of 6 or 50 trays.  System controlled by a Mitsubishi PLC and interfaces to a full production process.  (UK 2009)  Watch the Video

Diesel Generator Control System

PLC and HMI software design for a 2.5 Mw 6600 V AC diesel generator set destined for an off-shore gas platform in Qatar.  System comprised a redundant Allen-Bradley ControLogix system, a pair of Panelview+ operator interfaces, motor starters controlled and monitored over DeviceNet, serial Modbus communications to 3rd party devices and Modbus TCP communications to the platform DCS system. (UK 2009)

Product Joining System

Control system design for a product joining and winding system.  System comprised IMO inverters, laser measurement sensors and BST edge guidance system. (UK 2009)

Aspiration System

Control panel design and software write for a large plant aspiration system.  System comprised a ControLogix based PLC system with Panelview 700+, a pair of 75kW Control Techniques inverters and other ancillary equipment. (Ballymena NI 2009)

Conveyor System Upgrade

Modification of Allen-Bradley PLC2 system to latest ControLogix system.  Existing I/O racks were communicated to over ControlNet.  New software for the CLX was written and a Panelview 1000 operator interface modified.  The changeover was done during the Christmas / New year shutdown.  (Ballymena NI 2009)

Water Pumping MCC Panel Programming

Programming of Mitsubishi Q series PLC and E1101 operator interface to control a 3 pump system which provides site-wide pressurised water for backwashing.  System controls via a PID loop in the PLC and automatically rotates pumps and boosts output as required.  System all communicates via Ethernet and relays information back to site SCADA system. (Northfleet 2008)


Modification of SCADA system to include new Eurotherm instrumentation and SENECA data aquisition modules.  Data capture for process charts.  (Derby 2008)

Tunnel Kiln Controls Design, Software and Commissioning

Electrical design using Autocad Electrical, programming of 2 off OMRON Ethernet processors, NS12 HMI and IFIX SCADA system.  Commissioning of control system. (China 2008)


Development of WIZCON SCADA package for control of timing belt curing system.  SCADA communicates with Eurotherm instruments and provides process data and records time / temperature trend for tracability.  (WIGAN 2007)

Introduction of New Product on Cup Handling Robot System

Addition of a new product to a cup handling robot system.  Robot cell comprises 2 Comau robots, 2 camera Cognex vision system and Mitsubishi PLC and servo system.  New cup was introduced and a training document created to assist in future product changes.  (Stoke 2007)

Tyre Buffer Storage Rack Control System Upgrade

Re-engineering and replacement of obsolete Allen-Bradley PLC2 with latest Allen-Bradley ControlLogix system on two production lines.  Existing 1771 I/O was replaced with Flex I/O on ControlNet.  One 1771 rack was left to control a stepper module for which there was no A-B replacement.  A PV1000+ on ControlNet was installed for operator information and diagnostics.  An Ethernet card communicates with a supervisory computer system, a DH+ card communicates with 11 further machines on the line.  System was installed and commissioned in 3 day downtime period.(Dundee 2007)  repeat order 2008

Tunnel Kiln Software and Commissioning

Writing of software and HMI programs for an OMRON CJ1M based kiln automation system.  Software was then commissioned onsite.  (Derby 2007)

Glost Kiln Control System Replacement

Replacement of obsolete Telemecanique TS47 PLC system with Allen-Bradley SLC5/04 based system.  Control system was also fitted with Panelview 1000 operator interface to give operator information and full fault diagnostics.  A PSTN modem was installed allowing dial-in access. (Stoke 2007)

Mayonnaise Filling System

Delivery system integrated with the main production line PLC for adding measured quantities of mayonnaise to salad bowls.  System based around a Mitsubishi FX1N PLC with analogue outputs controlling AC inverters.  A recipe system is utilised in the PLC to hold mutiple product set-ups.  Information and manual controls are provided on an E100 operator interface.  (Wigan 2007)

Automated Warehousing System Infeed/Outfeed Conveyors

Design and build control system for controlling input and output conveyors of a fully automated product storage warehouse.  System based around SLC5/04, PV1000, BASIC modules for Bar Code readers, ControlLogix Gateway for connection of DH+ to Ethernet Alpha computer.  The automated storage machinery was pre-used, PLC5 software for this was rewritten to match another existing site system. (Ballymena NI 2007)

Extrusion Control System

Design and build control system for the production of an extruded rubber product.  Drives on RS422/485 comms to BASIC module. System controls speeds to recipes to provide a constant extruded rubber profile. Drives electronically geared together at selectable ratios with the rest of the production line. (Valladolid, Spain 2006)

Ware Stacking Robots

Two robot cells for stacking pottery items such as plates or bowls prior to kiln firing.  Pottery pieces from a dust press making machine are fed into the robot cell, where a Comau robot picks up the piece and places it into a support then transfers both the support and the piece to the output conveyor.  When a preset number of parts are stacked on the output conveyor, the conveyor moves forward to allow more pieces to be stacked.  A Visual Basic 6 program was written to communicate with the robot, this is used to set-up the cell and provide information to the operators. (Stoke 2006) - Watch the Video

Sealant Bead Application Robot

Robot cell for the application of a sealant bead around an LCD display.  The display was fed into the cell on a conveyor with no exact positioning method.  A DVT camera attached to the robot was used to locate the LCD display corner, position parameters were then transferred to the robot over ethernet (TCP/IP).  The robot then uses these parameters to adjust its tool frame and apply the bead in the correct position around the display.  System was commissioned in the UK and exported to Italy. (2006)

Robot Sponging

Twin robot cell system for fettling of pressure cast pottery. The ABB robots pick from the output conveyors of a pressure casting machine and then dress the piece to remove flashing from the mould.  The robots are equipped with a tool changing system which permits different shaped products to be in production at the same time.  Product profiles are stored in the robot to allow for rapid product changes. 

The system was implemented to automate part of the production process to help reduce costs and improve ergonomics (some of the items are approximately 5kg in weight and operator fatigue is a factor).  There has also been improvements in production results as the robot system provides better support to the piece and problems later in the manufacturing process (e.g. hairline cracks / splits) have been reduced.  (Stoke 2006) - Watch the Video

Kiln UPS Supplies

Two intermittant kilns have been fitted with Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) to allow them to "ride out" dips in the mains supply.  Previously a "brown out" would have caused the kiln to shutdown, this can result in scrap products.  The UPS keeps the kiln control powered through a power dip, whilst a timer monitors the outage and shuts down the kiln if the the dip exceeds certain time limits. (Middlewich 2006)

Netzsch Dust Press

Relocation and programming of Siemens S5 based control system for the production of flat ceramic ware.  Addition of automatic unload system and plate stacking. (Stoke-on-Trent 2005)

Cheese Reject System

A DVT vision system is used to examine blocks of cheese for packing defects.  If a problem is encountered the conveyor system is stopped and the faulty block is rejected to a return conveyor, where the cheese is sent for reprocessing (North Wales 2005)

Sausage Roll Production Line

Full control of sausage roll / pie production line using Mitsubishi PLC with E700 operator interface.  Existing DC drives and motors were replaced with Mitsubishi AC inverters and new motors.  All inverters were controlled from analogue outputs in the PLC, a recipe system was used in the E700 allowing fast changeover times between products to be achieved. (Market Drayton 2005)

Biscuit Pottery Tunnel Kiln

Replacement of obsolete Telemecanique TSX47 PLC system with Allen-Bradley SLC500.  Additionally a Monitouch V708C operator interface was added to improve plant information and diagnostics. (Stoke 2005)

Robot Sponging System Development

A robot system for fettling of pressure cast pottery. The robot picks from the output conveyor of a pressure cast machine and then dresses the piece to remove flashing from the mould.  The robot currently handles 56 different product shapes which are selected via a menu system.  (Stoke 2005 ongoing)


System involved integration of latest technology Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC, Panelview 1500+ HMI and RSView SCADA to replace obsolete GEC Gem-80 PLC. The system used ControlNet and Ethernet to communicate with HMIs and Alpha computer. This was the final phase of the conversion of a rubber production group to ControlLogix, the entire group was linked together via Controlnet allowing results data to be passed from processor to processor.  All PV1500+ HMI's were on this network (4 off) allowing the status of the plant to be viewed from different points in the building. (Ballymena NI 2005) 

Primary Mill – BALLYMENA GROUP 4

System involved integration of latest technology Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC, Panelview 1500+ HMI and RSView SCADA to replace obsolete GEC Gem-80 PLC. The system used ControlNet and Ethernet to communicate with HMIs and Alpha computer. (Ballymena NI 2005) 

Robot Vision Cup Dipping

A robot vision system for dipping biscuit-ware cups in glaze. The system takes an image of random oriented cups by a DVT camera system. The image is processed to provide the Adept robot with x-y pick co-ordinates. The robot picks the cups in order, dips each one in glaze and places on an output conveyor/dryer. The system is R&D type work with integration of vision and robot with Ethernet and serial comms. The main benefit of a system like this is that the cups do not need to be supplied in a magazine, which fits in well with the current factory intermediate storage systems. (Systec R&D Stoke 2004 ongoing)

Acid Dosing System

A system was developed to pump a metered quantity of Hydrochloric acid to any one of 18 large slip tanks in a building. SLC500 PLC, PV600 HMI (Stoke 2004)  Additional modifications to add an audit tank for system checking (Stoke 2008)

Rubber Weighing and Handling – BALLYMENA GROUP 4

System involved integration of latest technology Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC, Panelview 1500+ HMI and RSView SCADA to replace obsolete GEC Gem-80 PLC. The system used ControlNet and Ethernet to communicate with HMIs and Alpha computer. (Ballymena NI 2004)

Intermittant Kiln Control System

Installation and commissioning of Siemens S5 based control system for intermittant kiln automation.  Modification of kiln from two zone temperature control to three zone.  (Hull 2004)

100m Sanitary Ware Tunnel Kiln

Upgraded complete automation and SCADA system for kiln using SLC500 PLC (replacing obsolete Square D), IMO inverters. The system interfaced with new AGV’s (Auto-Guided Vehicles) and additional kiln car haulage systems as well as controlling all the existing kiln. Westermo GSM radio modem remote access to PLC via standard PSTN modem. (Stoke 2003/2004)  Kiln relocated and re-commissioned (Stoke 2007)

Tyre Routing Conveyor System

Design and installation of control system for the control of truck tyre routing through a tyre testing department. Involved 4 SLC500 based control systems with Panelview 1000 operator interfaces controlling ~100 tyre handling units (lifts, conveyors, turntables, tilting tables). 14 Omniscan barcode readers connected to BASIC modules, supervisory Alpha computer system for tyre routing and data capture. (Ballymena, NI 2003/2004)

80m Biscuit Ware Tunnel Kiln

Relocation from Kent to Stoke and the complete automation, fan/temperature control and SCADA system for kiln using Mitsubishi Q Series PLC, FGH controllers, IMO inverters. 3 touch screen systems – Siemens industrial PC, Eurotherm multi-channel chart recorder and Mitsubishi E900T. The kiln was installed as new from a control system standpoint. (Stoke 2003)

Brake Pad Grinding Machine

3 Servo Axis machine controlled by SLC500 and Ultra Drives to grind and profile 4 commercial vehicle brake pads. Use of DeviceNet fieldbus network to communicate with UltraDrives. Westermo GSM radio modem remote access to PLC via standard PSTN modem. (Chapel-en-le-Frith Derbyshire 2003)

75m Sanitary Ware Tunnel Kiln

Complete automation and SCADA system for kiln using Mitsubishi A1S, E900 touch-screen, West instruments. Remote PSTN modem access. (Hull 2003)

Rubber Mixing Group

Mix tracking and results system for a rubber-mixing group. System involved integration of PLC5, SLC500 and GEC Gem-80 PLCs to provide data for a VAX computer of mix times and temperatures, and other info. The system used BASIC modules to print sticky bar-code labels for each batch and Ink-Jet print on the rubber the mix number, mix ID, date and time. Temperatures from remote parts of the plant were monitored locally with Eurotherm controllers with an RS422 link back to another BASIC module for recording purposes. (Ballymena NI 2002)

Rubber Extusion Machines

Control of a rubber extruder using SLC500 PLC, Eurotherm Instruments and Control Techniques Mentor DC and Unidrive AC drive systems. Drives and Instruments on RS422/485 comms to BASIC module. System controls speeds, pressures and temperatures according to recipes to provide a constant extruded rubber tread profile. Drives electronically geared together at selectable ratios. (Dundee 2002, repeat order Dundee 2004, 2005, 2007)

Pottery Tunnel Kiln

Complete temperature control and automation for a 40m long pottery tunnel kiln. Design and commission control system to automatically handle the loading and unloading of kiln cars and batts for a continuously running kiln. A SCADA system controls the kiln, trends temperatures, logs alarms and events, sends recipes for temperature set-points, inverter speeds, slow push times. The system integrates Allen-Bradley SLC500, PV1000 automation and FGH temperature control. 18 IMO inverters are used to control speeds of conveyors, drives, fans and the slow push. (Stoke 2002)

Aircraft Tyre Production Cell

The complete control systems for an Aircraft tyre production cell involving 2 "making" machines and 1 "finishing" machine. The making machines used SLC500, PV1000 control with 2 servo axes per machine. The finishing machine used PLC5, PV1400e and Controllogix PLCs for 8 servo axes in total. The interesting part was the controlled laying of a 10mm continuous corded rubber band in a zig-zag formation around the crown of the tyre, Controllogix cam profiles were used for this task. The cell was integrated into an RSView32 SCADA system for production planning and results. Recipes were developed in MS Excel and downloaded via RSLinx Professional. (Bourges France 2001)

Run Flat Tyre Making Machine

Development of a 3 axis servo control system to precisely position the metal bead rings as a drum expands on a tyre making machine. Conversion of the rest of the machine to SLC500, PV1000 control. Installation and commissioning in Italy (Cuneo Italy 2001)

Press Line Robot Feed

Conversion of 2 servo robot systems, each feeding tyres to lines of 16 presses. PLC5, PV1000 control used. Alpha computer system controlled stock release to get the tyre to the press just in time based on a FIFO system. (Stoke 2001)

Automated Warehousing System Infeed/Outfeed Conveyors

Provide a turn-key control system solution for a conveyors system. Design: produce electrical diagrams, write software, supporting documentation. Build control panels and installation. Commissioning, training, etc. System used PLC5s, PV1000s, BASIC modules for Bar Code readers, Pyramid Integrator for connection DH+ to Ethernet Alpha computer. (Stoke 2000)

Servo Lift System

Development of a rapid lift transfer system to increase the cycle time of an automated tyre making machine. Work was on an hourly based contract. All drawings, software, project management, etc done. System was installed on 4 lines. SLC500, Control Techniques Unidrive servo. (Dundee 2000)

Pre-masticated Rubber Batch Weighing System

Replacement of obsolete control system. Upgrading to the latest PLC and scale digitiser technology. Produce electrical drawings and software. Install and commission controls. Documentation and training.The system involved the variable speed drive control of the feed belt to PID performance. (Stoke 1999)

Carbon Black Weighing System

Replacement of obsolete control system. Upgrading to the latest PLC and scale digitiser technology. Produce electrical drawings and software. Install and commission controls. Documentation and training. (Stoke 1999)

Oil Weighing System

Replacement of obsolete control system. Upgrading to the latest PLC. Produce electrical drawings and software. Install and commission controls. Documentation and training. (Stoke 1999)

 Notes:This selection of projects has been chosen to highlight the large and different types of work undertaken, many other smaller jobs have completed using different technologies. Referees can be provided on all work we have done (by project or customer), site visits can also be arranged (with approval of the customer).